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Bob-Cat Mower sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

Even if you have a beautiful lawn now, it needs immediate attention from now thru October. After a summer of kids, pets, volleyball games, and heavy mowers tromping and rolling across your lawn, the least you can do to ensure your lawn remains beautiful is to rent a Core Aerator. All of that summer lawn traffic will compact the soil to the extent that roots can no longer grow and fertilizers cannot get to the roots to be absorbed by the grass plants. In addition, compacted lawns require more frequent and extensive watering due to runoff and poor penetration to the roots. To illustrate, think about trails in the woods. Those trails are so compacted from foot traffic that they can no longer support any type of plant growth. You lawn is no different than those trails.

The Predotor Pro

Predator Pro sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

The Peak of Durability and Performance

Backed by the most ferocious warranty in the business - 6-year / 2750 hours - the Predator-Pro was bred for one single purpose; to make you money. It’s fast, getting you from one job on to the next. It’s powerful, tackling slopes and hills like they were flat ground. It’s durable, turning out pristine cuts year after year. And finally, it’s easy to maintain, with convenient access to internal components and many common parts shared with other models. When you're ready to be the alpha species, it’s time to experience Predator-Pro.

Model Model # Engine Make Deck Size
Predator Pro 942529 Kawasaki FX921V 52" SD
942514 Kawasaki FX921V 61" SD
942519 Kawasaki FX921V 72" SD


BOB-CAT XRZ sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

Fit For Any Duty

Whether you are a professional or want to mow like one, the BOB-CAT XRZ has the durability, performance and value to suit both. Wide 22" drive tires tackle any terrain with grace and stability, while Hydro-Gear 3100 transaxles keep the ride smooth, responsive and agile. Enhcanced comfort features, such as a high-back adjustable seat and standard arm rests keep you feeling as good as the turf looks at the end of the day.

Model Model # Engine Make Deck Size
XRZ 942610 Kawasaki FR651V 48" SD
942611 Kawasaki FR691V 52" SD
942612 Kawasaki FR730V 61" SD

The XRZ Pro

BOB-CAT XRZ Pro sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

Professional Performance and Outstanding Value

We build the XRZ Pro to deliver a commercial-grade durability and performance at a price that’s gentle on your wallet. Rugged durability and a consistent quality of cut, combined with convenient maintenance and all-day mowing comfort, make the XRZ Pro the perfect machine for the budget-minded contractor.

Model Model # Engine Make Deck Size
XRZ Pro 942620 Kawasaki FX651V 48" SD
942621 Kawasaki FX691V 52" SD
942622 Kawasaki FX730V 61" SD

The QuickCat

QuickCat sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

The Stand-On Mower with Stand-Out Performance

Introduced in 2015, the QuickCat took the commercial mowing industry by storm. With a ferocious blend of stability, speed and cut quality, it set a new standard in stand-on mowers. Plus, with its compact size, extra ground clearance and large drive tires, the QuickCat gets over, around and through obstacles like an untamed beast. Step up to increased profitability and step onto the QuickCat.

Model Model # Engine Make Deck Size
QuickCat 912480 Kawasaki FX651V 48" SD
912520 Kawasaki FX691V 52" SD
912610 Kawasaki FX730V 61" SD

The ProCat

ProCat sales in Lee’s Summit MO, Olathe KS

Cut Grass. Slash Downtime.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, the ProCat is the machine to get you there. Speeds up to 11.5 mph and new Zero-T drive tires devour challenging turf while the comfortable seat and intuitive controls keep you comfortable all the while. Built for the serious profesional who demands as much from his machine as he puts into his business, the ProCat makes any terrain its domain.

Model Model # Engine Make Deck Size
ProCat 942532 Kawasaki FX651V 52" SD
942533 Kawasaki FX730V 61" SD
942535 Kawasaki FX801V 52" SD
942534 Kawasaki FX801V 61" SD
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