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Tame Your Concrete Projects with our new Mud Mixer Rentals!

Struggling with small concrete pours and tired of back-breaking mixing? At Bledsoe’s Equipment, we understand the challenges of handling concrete, especially for DIY projects or smaller jobs. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our equipment rental inventory: the Mud Mixer – the revolutionary portable concrete mixer that’s changing the game!

The Mud Mixer isn’t your average concrete mixer rental


  • Compact and Maneuverable:

    Unlike bulky traditional mixers, the Mud Mixer is surprisingly compact and easy to move around your worksite. Its user-friendly design allows you to tackle even the most confined spaces.
  • Fast and Consistent Mixing:

    Don’t waste time and effort on inefficient mixing. The Mud Mixer boasts an electric drivetrain capable of powering through over 45 standard concrete bags per hour, ensuring fast and consistent mixing every time.
  • Effortless Water Control:

    Forget the guesswork! The Mud Mixer features a revolutionary, fully-adjustable water input system. Simply attach a standard garden hose and dial in your desired water mix for perfect concrete consistency, eliminating the frustration of “too soupy” or “too dry” batches.

Our Mud Mixer Rental is Perfect for a Variety of Projects


  • Small to Medium Pours

    From foundation work in Blue Springs to post hole filling in Overland Park, the Mud Mixer handles a wide range of concrete projects efficiently.

  • Solo Operation

    Say goodbye to the need for a mixing crew! With the Mud Mixer, you can confidently conquer concrete projects as a one-man operation in Stilwell, Gardner, Independence, or anywhere else in the greater Kansas City area, saving time and labor costs.

  • Multiple Materials:

    This versatile mixer rental isn’t just for concrete. It can handle a variety of materials, including mortar, stucco mix, poolkrete, and much more, making it a valuable asset for any project.

The Mud Mixer Advantage


  • Continuous Mixing

    Eliminate the hassle of batch mixing and experience the efficiency of continuous mixing technology.

  • Easy Cleanup

     No more scrubbing a dirty mixer! The Mud Mixer’s design facilitates effortless cleaning, saving you valuable time on project completion.

  • Integrated Bag Cutter

    The Mud Mixer boasts a convenient, built-in bag cutter that simplifies the bag-loading process. Simply place the concrete bag on top of the unit, and the bag cutter does the rest – a mess-free solution for adding concrete mix.

Don’t just take our word for it! The Mud Mixer is the proud winner of the Concrete Contractor 2022 Top Products Award, a testament to its innovative design and superior functionality.

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Ready to transform your concrete projects? Visit one of our convenient locations in Lee’s Summit, MO or Olathe, KS to learn more about our Mud Mixer rentals and how Bledsoe’s Equipment can help you achieve professional results on your next project. Don’t forget to ask about our competitive rental rates!

For more information on the Mud Mixer, visit the official website: MudMixer

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